$15,000 Grant Awarded to MAP Program by Peter E. Strauss Trust, managed by BNY Mellon as Trustee

Moving Ahead Program MAP classroom discussion

St. Francis House was recently awarded a $15,000 grant from the Peter E. Strauss Trust, managed by BNY Mellon as Trustee, in support of the MAP program.

The Moving Ahead Program (MAP)

MAP is a 14-week vocational program that helps students learn to identify, pursue and succeed in careers that match their abilities, skills, and work values. Each year, MAP serves 140 students, who are taught life and job skills. Classes focus on a variety of skill sets from resume writing and job interview preparation, to how to manage stress and maintain good health as you enter the workforce. The 14 week class ends with an emotional and inspiring graduation ceremony, where students demonstrate through speeches the changes they have made in their life because of the program to now graduate and start their new job.

Peter E. Strauss Trust representative attends MAP graduation

On behalf of the Peter E. Strauss Trust, BNY Mellon’s Allyson Trenteseaux joined St. Francis House Corporate Engagement Officer Meryl Pinette at a graduation for the 165th class of the MAP program. Allyson said of the experience, “It was hard not to be inspired by the transformation of these students. I knew the work being done in those classrooms will create positive and sustainable change now and in the future.”

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