A Slice of Hope visits St. Francis House

A Slice of Hope pizza party

On November 3rd St. Francis House once again welcomed a group from A Slice of Hope.

The organization looks to spread joy and optimism throughout the country – one SLICE at a time.  “A Slice of Hope is about energizing the mind, body and spirit and bringing a sense of renewal and empowerment to our recipients.  We feed the body with pizza. We feed the spirit with live music. We feed the mind with a happy moment and a happy memory” said Slice of Hope founder Obaid Kadawani.  The group throws pizza parties with live music all across the country.

Pizza and music and fun, oh my!

The group from A Slice of Hope arrived just at lunch and brought with them a large delivery of local pizzas.  It was enough to feed 500!  Musician Dave Hickey set up his guitar in the dining room and played music for our guest to enjoy.  Visitors from the Slice of Hope group chatted with guests throughout the afternoon, and there was plenty of toe tapping to the tunes.

“When people are reminded of happier times, it gives us the strength to fight on.” said Slice of Hope founder Kadawani. “It reminds us that life can get better. One happy moment can change a life.”

Thank you A Slice of Hope for bringing this ​heartwarming and kind event to our doors.   On behalf of everyone involved, well done!

Pizza delivery
Pizza party
Guitarist at pizza party
pizza delivery
Slice of Hope banner
Guitarist at pizza party
Guests enjoy pizza party