New Furniture and Essential Household items for residents at #TheUnion

Bobs and Essential items

Imagine the joy of finding housing after months or perhaps years of searching.  Now imagine having that apartment with nothing to fill it.  Where will you sleep?  How will you cook?  And even if you can cook, what will you eat on?  For individuals moving out of homelessness, these are real concerns.

We are thrilled that thanks to Bob’s Discount Furniture and other generous partners, new residents for the twenty-six units designated for those leaving homelessness behind will be moving into apartments with the necessities to live a safe and comfortable life.

This week Bob’s Discount Furniture trucks rolled down Boylston Street and unpacked an array of items for twenty-six units at The Union.  The Bob’s Discount Furniture drivers spent three days delivering beds, mattresses, bureaus, tables, nightstands and lamps into the units.  The furniture was carefully selected by the designers at Bob’s to suit each apartment specifically.  There are no cookie-cutter apartments.  Sofas and tables were selected based on the shape of each apartment, and each unit is unique.  It’s truly an amazing donation

Bob's Furniture donation

Additional donors and partners worked to assemble a variety of baskets of kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and laundry essentials.

A 9th grade confirmation class at St. Gerard Majella Church in Canton, Massachusetts assembled the 26 bathroom and laundry baskets for the residents. These baskets are filled with toothbrushes toothpaste, bath towels, and shampoo and conditioner to name a few.

For the bedroom essentials baskets, a few donors played a role in assembling these. One woman, who had learned about St. Francis House through volunteering in the kitchen, was astounded by the breadth of comprehensive, lifesaving programs offered at St. Francis House. Wanting to make an even greater impact, she decided to donate 16 bedroom essentials baskets filled with blankets, pillows, a comforter among other items to outfit the residents’ new bedrooms. The remaining 10 bedroom essentials baskets were donated by another colleague at the same organization.

Group of baskets

Melick & Porter, LLP, a local law firm, generously donated the 26 kitchen baskets filled with pots and pans, mugs, plates, dish towels, etc. Michael Mazurczak, a lawyer with the firm, led the charge in creating these baskets with his colleagues, inspired by the Jesuit tenant of being “men and women for others” that he learned in college. Now, these residents will be able to cook and enjoy meals in their own apartments.

Furniture and items like these are truly essential to live. For the residents moving into these units, these items are the finishing touches that transform their apartments into their homes. We are thrilled to begin the move in process this weekend.