Board Member Story: Rick Hughto

st. Francis House board member Rick Hughto

Meet Board Member Rick Hughto.

Years on Board: 8.

I first heard about St. Francis House when invited to All the Way Home by two, now former, Board members.

I was inspired by the event. I came in for a tour and meeting with Karen, and was truly blown away, and compelled to be a part of this organization.

When volunteering for breakfast, I was struck by how genuinely appreciative our guests were of the meal and the service.

Virtually every guest looked me in the eye to express appreciation. I came to realize there is very little separating the people on the outside the counter from those inside of the counter.

I so believe in the mission and feel privileged to be included in executing it as part of the Board.

Our gifted and dedicated staff are making a true difference is so many lives that have become broken. Being a small part in supporting the re-making of those lives is a blessing.

While the demand for our services exceeds the supply of services we provide, miracles are happening all of the time, impacting the guests and others of us who support them. Serving on the Board affords us the opportunity to make progress each day.

-Rick Hughto