Board Member Story: Steve Neff

Steve Neff Photo_St Francis House

Meet Board Member Steve Neff
Years on Board: 9

I was introduced to St. Francis House about nine years ago by a colleague who was serving on their Board at the time.

It was at a point in my life when I began to feel the need to expand and apply my life experiences to new challenges; to try to give back in some way. I began to work with several non-profits at the time but it was St. Francis House that has had the deepest impact on my thinking and growing personally as a result.

From my first visit,

I was struck by their commitment to offering a hand up to those in need by way of the comprehensive services they provide, from food, clothing and shelter to health services and vocational assistance. Right away, I felt a responsibility to join their mission to help others realize their full potential.

As much as I was impressed by the quality and range of services St. Francis House provides, I was genuinely moved by the grace and compassion with which they serve their guests – no, not guests like me and other volunteers, but those who come to them for assistance.

The biases that make it too easy to form opinions and assumptions about people like those supported by St. Francis House simply do not exist here. Homelessness, unemployment and poverty don’t define someone. These are current states we need to look beyond to fully appreciate someone for who they are. St. Francis House believes this and they empower their guests to see new, brighter paths ahead.

Since I’ve become involved as a Board member,

I’ve made it a priority to expand my impact by exposing others to the great work St. Francis House does. I regularly bring senior leaders from my company here to join other volunteers – whether it’s to serve meals to guests or offer their professional skills to solve for a specific need – it’s a way to bring together those who might not ordinarily connect and contribute to something that’s meaningful and provides benefit to all.

St Francis House truly does rebuild lives.
– Steve Neff