Board Member Story: Tim Nolan

Tim Nolan St. Francis House Board Member

Meet Board Member Tim Nolan.

Years on Board: 6.5

Tim’s start

My relationship with St. Francis House began as an undergraduate student at Boston College in 1997.  I enrolled in a course in Philosophy and Theology that placed students at a non-profit to volunteer 30 hours per month.

I was placed at St. Francis House.  Although a Finance Major in the Carroll School of Management, this course was by far the most impactful on my life.

20 years later…

Service to St. Francis House has become a lifelong mission of mine and now my family’s.  Over the course of my 20 year relationship, I have volunteered in Food Service; Clothing; the Margaret Lindsay Stewart Art Studio; taught a Civics Course; spoke on behalf of St. Francis House through the Community Partners Speaking program; and even started an annual footwear and fundraising event called the St. Francis House Shooze Cruise.

I am honored to serve on the Board of Directors and share both my business experience and my unique perspective as a longtime volunteer.

-Tim Nolan