City of Boston Neighborhood Development Profile: Doug DiMartile

Counseling Services

Here at St. Francis House, we partner with many fellow organizations and government agencies to help proactively alleviate hunger and homelessness in Boston.

One of our staff members, Doug DiMartile, Manager of Guest Services has worked very closely with the City of Boston Department of Neighborhood Development Chronic Workgroup task force.

Doug was recently profiled on the City of Boston’s website about how he and St. Francis House are working with guests to help them move out of homelessness and into housing.

Read his interview profile on the City of Boston website, excerpted below.

Doug had some incredibly thoughtful insights we wanted to share – most importantly, that it is the individuals we serve who lead the way through this work, not us.

What does it mean to house a person? What does it mean to say we’ve housed 186 chronically homeless individuals?

It means we’ve ended a collective 1,015 years of homelessness, sure.  We are making incredible progress.  For my part, however, I want to know more.  I want to understand each of those 186 individuals — what works and what doesn’t work for them.

These individuals are our guides to getting it right.  We must learn from them.  

As providers, we often have no idea — nor could we, until we stop and listen closely — about the lived experience of each individual we serve.  Read the rest.