BODY POLITIC at Bromfield Gallery features St. Francis House artist

Bromfield Gallery artists exhibit

Opening today, August 2, BODY POLITIC will show through to Sunday, August 20 at Bromfield Gallery, 450 Harrison Avenue, Boston.

St. Francis House artist featured

One of our artists from our Margaret Lindsay Stewart Art Studio has a piece showing in this exhibition. Our studio is a vibrantly creative place for guests to drop in and work with a wide variety of media as they transition back into stability, with many guests having exhibited their work in a variety of local venues and shows.

Opening Reception

The opening reception will be this Friday, August 4 from 6-8:30PM, at Bromfield Gallery. We hope you will be able to attend!


This juried exhibition of New England artists features artwork across diverse media that’s open to different interpretations.

Although the definition of “body politic” is an organized group of citizens, artists in the show have used this term as inspiration: work that addresses the body, politics or the intersection of the two. In these tumultuous times, many artists address contemporary culture and controversial issues regarding private space and the control of one’s body.

The gallery hopes the exhibition will provoke, illuminate and challenge!

Exhibiting Artists

Alicia Rodriguez Alvisa
Elissa Barr
Robert Carley
Peter Bradley Cohen
Mary Doering
Barbara Ford Doyle
Kaitlin G Dunn
Joe Fattori
Rose Gordon
Eben Haines
Nason Heywood
Woomin Kim
Kathleen A. Kneeland
Avery Lucas
Virginia Mahoney

Phoenix Mayet
Debra Olin
Keith E Plummer
Amanda Kidd Schall
Marilyn Sherman
Adrienne Sloane
Sandy Smith-Garces
Jean Bailey Snow
Karl Stephan
Tom Stocker
Kim Triedman
Miranda Updike
Mark Wylie
Ginny Zanger