Busy summer of construction at 48 Boylston Street

Summer updates

This summer was a busy time at our #48Boylston with approximately 50+ workers on site per week. Most shifts ran weekdays from 7am-3:30pm, with some days running until 5pm.  The team put in a few weekends as well.  We’ve made huge progress and included some pictures below.

The work completed or currently running at the site includes a WIDE variety of contractors.  Some of their many duties listed below:

  • Electricians: roughed out many of the units
  • Pipe-fitters: layout new mechanical installations
  • Plumbers: installed bathroom fixtures and continue to install new pipe risers
  • Tin knockers: work on duct shafts and risers
  • Sprinkler fitters: re-work the existing sprinkler system,
  • Rough Carpenters: work on the roof and roof structural supports.
  • Carpenters: framing walls and hanging drywall
  • Masons: washing and cleaning exterior and interior brick
  • Glaziers: replacing and installing windows
  • Roofers: rebuilding the roof
Two story units at 48 Boylston
What’s next?

With all this work in progress, we are counting down to our move in date, with December 31, 2018 as our goal.  Stay tuned for more progress updates.