Capital One Cafe supports St. Francis House

Capital One Cafe

This past month we’ve been thrilled to have service teams from Capital One Cafe “in the house.”  The groups served in our clothing departments meeting the various needs of our guests, and in the kitchen, prepping and serving meals with Chef Seth.

How did they get started?

“It really grew quite organically,” said Lydia an employee at the Capital One Cafe in the Seaport.  She knew once she told her boss and teammates who were unable to attend the first session, they would want to get involved.  “We started in the Fresh Threads clothing department with our team from the Seaport, I was surprised at the number of people that were served.”

“I just didn’t know there were that many people in need of fresh clothes on their backs! It was humbling.”

Since the first introduction to serving this Summer, Capital One Cafes have sent over ten other groups to support us.  “It’s great to work at a place that values volunteering.  Capital One Cafe does!”

How can you get involved?

If you’d like your company to get involved at St. Francis House, contact Ashley Medlar, our volunteer coordinator and she can work with your group to get started.