Citizens Bank Leads Financial Literacy Workshops for Moving Ahead Program

Citizens Bank Financial Literacy Workshop at SFH

For over 20 years, Citizens Bank has been a corporate partner and supporter of St. Francis House. Back in October, we announced that Citizens Bank was committing a $50,000 donation towards our 14 week vocational rehabilitation program, The Sullivan Family Moving Ahead Program (MAP).

Since then, they’ve become embedded in our MAP curriculum. With new employment opportunities on the horizon, our students will also face new financial circumstances. MAP is a holistic program that not only focuses on getting our students back into work, but also ensures that they are set up for success both personally and professionally. That’s where Citizens Bank has come in to lend a hand.

Citizens Bank Leads by Example

Many of our students come into MAP already facing financial challenges from their past. Informing our students that Citizens Bank would be leading financial literacy workshops presented some fears for students about addressing their financial past. But, Citizens Bank immediately put the MAP students at ease. Sharing their personal experiences and financial challenges, the workshop instructors showed our students that it’s something anyone can struggle with.

Each MAP class is offered two workshops. They start with banking basics and planning for retirement, and end with a workshop focused around repairing their credit. The workshops are led by employees at Citizens Bank who volunteer their time to teach these classes in the community.

Catherine Redfern, Sr Mgr, CRM Reporting & Analytics, Vice President,  at Citizens Bank offered her perspective on the experience, after leading the first class on the basics of banking, “I knew I wanted to come back and be part of this program after the first session!”

The workshops have been a great success, and one that the students now look forward to.

Get Involved

If you are interested in finding out ways that your organization can help to support our programs, contact Meryl Pinette, Corporate Engagement Officer at 617-457-1020.