Clarks Americas Supports Shooze Cruise and People in Need

Clarks Shoemakers

Clarks sponsors 14th Annual Shooze Cruise

Clarks Americas has been a long time supporter of St. Francis House – so it is no surprise that they are a sponsor once again for our annual Shooze Cruise! But their support doesn’t stop there. You’ll see a number of Clarks shoes onboard and at our Shooze Cruise check in on August 9.

Ooops Forgot Your Shoes?

Don’t fret if you’ve forgotten to bring a pair of new men’s shoes to donate when you board the Cruise, because Clarks has your back.  Attendees can donate a pair of the Clarks styles available so that they are donated swiftly to those in need at St. Francis House. The shoes collected at the Shooze Cruise are distributed to the guests of St. Francis House sometimes as soon as the very next day!

Our Partnership

The partnership between Clarks Americas and St. Francis House started over 10 years ago, and we are so grateful for their continued support over the years. Their efforts go beyond event sponsorship and financial contributions. They have also been a long time major supporter of our clothing departments, Fresh Threads and Studio Shine. Clarks donates shoes in bulk to our clothing departments on a regular basis, and when we’re in a particularly high time of need. This support is critical to our guests, who require high quality shoes to wear.

Clarks’ support of the Shooze Cruise at the Commander level ($2,500) along with their supply of shoes for donation onboard, demonstrates their commitment to the St. Francis House mission.

About Clarks Americas, Inc.

Based in Waltham, Massachusetts, Clarks Americas, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of C&J Clark Limited of Somerset, England. Founded in the village of Street in 1825, C&J Clark Limited is a privately held, internationally recognized leader in the footwear industry. Long known for creating the iconic Clarks Desert Boot, the company remains true to a rich heritage of style, comfort, and quality. Clarks portfolio includes men’s, women’s, and children’s footwear and accessories, sold the world over in owned retail, ecommerce, and wholesale partners.

 Get On Board

If our partnership with Clarks has inspired you to get involved with St. Francis House, contact Corporate Engagement Officer, Meryl Pinette at 617.654.1020 to learn more.