Conference Committee budget increases funding for homeless adults.

budgeting timeline

This week the Commonwealth released its Conference Committee budget, the compromise between the House and Senate leadership which will make its way to the desk of Governor Baker to sign into law.  We are please to announce that the leadership made significant investments for adults experiencing homelessness in our communities.

Of note, our Moving Ahead Program, a leader in providing employment services to men and women experiencing homelessness, received funding of $125,000.  We also received funding for $100,000 which will be used for planning, initial staffing and startup costs to create a Recovery Center which will support guests struggling with a substance use disorder. Thank you friends and donors who advocated on our behalf with their legislators to make sure this funding was ensured.  Those phone calls, letters, and emails truly helped.

In addition to these significant items, the homeless assistance line item, received $48M in funding, an increase of $3M  over last year’s budget!  Funds in this line item will support all the work in our Day Shelter: security, food, clothing, case management, mental health counseling, expressive therapy, the housing resource center and our Women’s Center. Additionally, a new $5M line item was added for the rapid transition of homeless individuals into sustainable permanent housing.

We applaud our leadership for stepping up to commit resources to funding these initiatives that will help those experiencing homelessness.  A special thank you to St. Francis House’s State Representative Aaron Michlewitz and our State Senator Joe Boncore.  Bravo!