Developments in Development: Author Nick Flynn delights Founders

Members of our Founder’s Society enjoyed an unforgettable appreciation event at St. Francis House on June 21. Author Nick Flynn read from Being Flynn, his best-selling memoir about working at the Pine Street Inn, where he met his long-estranged father, who was then a guest of the shelter. Being Flynn inspired the recent major motion picture by the same name, starring Robert De Niro, Julianne Moore, and Paul Dano.

Mr. Flynn read several moving passages and emphasized that anyone can fall on hard times. “Homelessness is not something you’re born into,” he said. “Everyone comes from a family. Something happens to fray that connection.” Flynn thanked attendees for their generosity and dedication to helping the disenfranchised. He also praised St. Francis House for providing comprehensive services in one easy-to-reach location. “Centralized services help people move out of homelessness more quickly,” he said.

The audience asked several questions about Flynn’s father, who was homeless for five years but now has his own apartment. “As soon as you give someone a shower and a place to live, it totally transforms him,” the author explained. Today, the two men have an affectionate relationship. “He thinks I ghost-wrote his book,” said Flynn, who signed a copy of his memoir for every Founder who attended the event.