Dr. Trudy Good at St. Francis House

Trudy Good

Meet Dr. Trudy Good

As a part of the RIZE grant, licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Trudy Good will be spending one Tuesday a month at St. Francis House, offering individual and group trauma counseling and support sessions for all staff members. Dr. Good, of the Riverside Trauma Center, comes to St. Francis House to offer an innovative resource to staff members.

Primarily, Dr. Good will conduct individual and group support sessions for staff members who seek her guidance in dealing with traumatic events in the workplace. In many health and human services agencies, events occur daily that stir up emotions for employees that can be difficult to process. Having Dr. Good as a resource, staff can process through emotions and situations in a productive, healthy manner.

An Unusual and Innovative Resource

Most health and human services organizations do not have a resource like Dr. Good for their employees. This resource is unusual yet innovative as it promotes cycles of care for agencies and employees. If and when traumatic experiences or emotions arise in the workplace, employees can work through them with Dr. Good’s guidance.

In addition to individual and group counseling, Dr. Good will also offer trainings to all staff members on various topics relating to the work of St. Francis House.