Envisioning 48 Boylston Street

We’re making tremendous progress on our project at 48 Boylston, and with each report we receive from the construction manager, it’s getting easier to envision what this beautiful building is becoming. Where today there’s just framing and plumbing stacks, we’re envisioning lovely apartments – 46 units of affordable housing – that will in just a short while, will become homes.

That window that today is letting in light on the plumbing stacks? We’re envisioning a guest reading by the sunshine, or peering out to see winter’s first snowflakes.

That empty space? We’re envisioning someone arriving home after a hard day’s work, throwing themselves on their couch, and wondering what to make for dinner.

We’re envisioning 46 individuals in proud possession of the keys to a new home that’s affordable and centrally located. We’re envisioning the new residents of 48 Boylston adding life and vibrancy to our neighborhood.  We hope you share our vision and we’ll keep you informed as it continues to take shape.

If you’d like more info on 48 Boylston, you’ll find it here.