Financial Services Week – A Win for Everyone!

Natixis Volunteers

We are proud to have celebrated our first annual Financial Services Week.

Financial Services Week coincided with National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week as an opportunity for our partners in the financial services community to volunteer and support the basic services at St. Francis House.  It was a huge success!

We were lucky enough to close out the week with long time supporters, Spirit of State Street and Natixis Investment Managers. Both of these groups helped us by serving lunch to our guests, and Natixis also assisted with sorting clothes. We intend to turn this week into an annual event, and hope that our corporate partners in the financial sector will continue to join us. Additionally, we think next year it would be great to have a kick-off party – ice cream and pizza, anyone?  Let’s do it!

In conclusion, we’d like to say one last big thank you to everyone that helped us support our guests for the week. Rockland Trust and Bank of America were a tough act to follow, but Santander, John Hancock, Fidelity, Spirit of State Street, and Natixis Investment Managers all truly rose to the occasion. We are overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation.

What now?

Although  National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week has reached its end, we encourage all our readers to make a difference through small acts of kindness.

Some good ones this winter include:

  • offering to purchase a warm cup of decaf coffee for someone out in the cold – not as dehydrating as caffeinated
  • offering a wish for a good day and perhaps learning a stranger’s name with a smile
  • gifting a warm pair of new socks, gloves or a hat

Sometimes it’s the little gestures that make all the difference.

Santander volunteers
Some of our Santander volunteers
John Hancock volunteers
John Hancock Helps Serve an Apple a Day to our Guests
Fidelity Volunteers
Fidelity Wades Through Clothing for Fresh Threads