Meet Frank Mastrocola – volunteer and marathon runner

Frank Mastrocola

On running the Boston Marathon

Frank Mastrocola admits this marathon is a huge challenge.  “I’m 63 and haven’t been running.  But, I’ve done a marathon before, and have confidence that my body will respond again to a training schedule.  So, physically, it will be a challenge, but one that I believe can be met.   The fact that I am running as a member of the St Francis Marathon Team, makes it meaningful to others.”

“I have never raised money for a cause before.  My wife and I donate to many charities, but I have never asked friends and family to support a charity that I believe in.  I think my family and friends will respond because they will trust that St Francis House is important to me.”

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Achievements he’s most proud of

I’m most proud of that my wife, Judy, and I decided to adopt siblings from a Russian orphanage.  We did so when Judy was 45 and I was 50.  There was a lot of risk and anxiety connected with that decision . . . .no doubt we were out of our comfort zone!   But, it became the best one of our lives.

And then there is real estate…

I own a own small real estate management and development company.   I started it in 1979 after a short stint in government.  During my career, I pursued real estate projects that challenged me.  Every five to seven years, I had a new focus.  Some projects were most dependent upon marketing, or on development creativity, on technology, or on building a team.  I kept my career fresh that way.  Even though the company stayed focused on management, I liked to change it up from time to time in terms of what I focused on personally.

The best project involved purchasing the closed Catholic church property in the neighborhood I grew up in.  Upon it’s purchase, I had to build consensus with my old neighbors about the development plan.  That was not easy . . . .some wanted a park!   Then, it was about keeping my promises to them and to the greater community.  (That was especially more difficult because of the financial meltdown of 2008 that hit mid project.)

I take great pride in this development because I respected the property’s significance historically, importance to former parishioners, and its importance to the greater neighborhood.  I had to be sensitive to so many different interests  . . .not to mention my family’s financial interest!  We put the time, effort and concern into the planning and execution.  It paid off.  It was also my last project, and as such, a good way for me to cap my career because it needed every skill I had developed along the way.  When I am on that side of town, I always drive by it.

I especially enjoy working with people that I have known my entire career.  Real estate, as much as it is about bricks and mortar, is about people.  Most of our tenants and vendors have become friends.  That has made a tough business enjoyable.  I’m proud of those relationships.

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