FY17 State Budget: Call your Senator for Moving Ahead Program

Moving Ahead Program

Now: Call your State Senator before 5pm Thursday!

To everyone who contacted their State Representatives to support St. Francis House in the state budget, thank you!

We will now focus on the Senate, who released their own budget proposal. As expected, funding for our Sullivan Family Moving Ahead Program was not included. This will happen through the amendment process with Senator Boncore.

Specifically, our State Senator, Joe Boncore, is supportive of including language in the State budget that would provide $150,000 of funding to support the Moving Ahead Program. It will make a huge difference if other State Senators offer to co-sponsor his amendment, not just support it.

Second, St. Francis House is part of a larger coalition of homeless providers working to increase the line item that funds individual homeless providers. We are asking that the line item that funds our day shelter (7004-0102) be funded at $50 million dollars. Senator Linda Dorcena Forry has agreed to file an amendment to fund the Homeless Assistance line item at the $50 million level.

What do I do and say?

Please call your State Senator now and ask them to:
1. Co-sponsor Senator Joe Boncore’s amendment to support a $150,000 earmark in line item 7003-1206 to support the St. Francis House Moving Ahead Program.
2.  Co-sponsor Senator Forry’s amendment to fund line item 7004-0102 at $50 million.

  • Call your State Senator (if you do not know your State Senator you can go to www.malegislature.gov  to find out  who they are and their contact info).
  • Tell them how you are connected to St. Francis House
  • Tell them the Moving Ahead Program is an effective program that returns homeless people to work
  • Tell them that the St. Francis House State Senator Joe Boncore is filing an amendment to support the Moving Ahead Program
  • Tell them that the St. Francis House day shelter provides life saving services and a wide range of programs that move people out of homelessness into lives of stability.
  • Ask them to co-sponsor both amendments.

All amendments need to be filed no later than 5:00pm Thursday. There is not much time to get this done. Please call today, it is important that you do not wait!

After the call, then what?

Please email Mary Schichtel and let her know what response you received from your State Representative. Thank you very much. This could be very significant for St. Francis House and the men and women we serve.