Our supporters come from many different backgrounds and contribute in many different ways, but they all have two things in common: A deep commitment to helping the poor and homeless and an unwavering conviction that every effort makes a difference.

We’ve asked some of our long-time contributors to share their stories and observations about St. Francis House here. You’ll be inspired by their generosity, creativity, and how much they have helped our guests. Perhaps you will consider supporting us as well.

St. Francis House Volunteer Timothy Nolan

Timothy Nolan began volunteering at St. Francis House when he was a student at Boston College 15 years ago. Over time, his involvement has grown from serving meals to co-founding the Emerging Leaders of St. Francis House, a group of young professionals who plan the annual Shooze Cruise and Race to the Finish Line marathon events. Today, he serves on our Board of Directors, and he and his wife, Carolyn, are the youngest members of our Legacy Society.

Tim compares our work to TV shows that restore cars or antiques. “St. Francis House does human restorations, getting people back on their feet and shining them up inside and out. The potential has been there all along, it just needs to be revealed.”

St. Francis House Volunteers George and Andy Macomber

George and Andy Macomber support numerous local organizations and have been contributors to St. Francis House since 1997. Yet as George says, “St. Francis House is ahead of them all.”

He explains that our central location, our well-maintained facility, and our comprehensive, holistic approach make us extremely effective at helping guests move beyond their circumstances: “St. Francis House is No. 1 at feeding people, getting them on their feet, and getting them a job again.”

Tom and Cindy Connelly are longtime major donors who have supported our work in many ways. The couple have shared their skills and expertise with our staff, and donated professional clothing to Studio Shine and household items to our Housing Resource Center. The Connellys have also held two house parties, to introduce their friends and colleagues to the work of St. Francis House.

“The work the organization does in nurturing the homeless and disenfranchised has and continues to inspire Tom and me,” says Cindy. “We are constantly amazed by the level of emotional, mental, medical, psychological, and physical support its incredible staff provides to guests. For anyone on the fence about giving, we heartily recommend a visit to 39 Boylston Street. We guarantee you will have your own “ah-ha” moment and be forever changed. That’s how to fully understand the immense, immediate, and highly personal impact your gift can have.”

St. Francis House Volunteer John Hailer

Natixis employees give generously to support the programs and services of St. Francis House. They also volunteer in our kitchen, help MAP students with mock interviews and tax preparation, and are integral to the success of our Emerging Leaders young professionals group.

The generosity of Natixis employees is a natural outgrowth of the values and culture fostered by John Hailer, President and CEO.

Natixis made a generous donation to Under One Roof, our $16 million Capital Campaign, and named the Natixis Employment Services Center on our newly remodeled 5th floor. The company also gives each student a new leather business case as a graduation gift.

“It is a great honor for me and everyone at Natixis Global Asset Management to be associated with St. Francis House,” says Mr. Hailer. “We have seen the successes and experienced the potential their staff sees in each person who walks through the door. That is why we made a major financial commitment Under One Roof and continue to invest our time, energy, and resources in this important work.”