#GivingTuesday is on December 3, 2019!

We all know that the process of change is not quick or easy, whether we are deciding to learn a new skill, get more fit, or stop doing something we know isn’t good for us.

For our guests—who face years of trauma and loss, don’t know where they fit in the world, and question whether they have value—change happens slowly and cautiously. St. Francis House ensures we have a foundation of hope at the base of everything we do to support this change.

Hope is the key to creating a bridge between addressing the most present, basic needs of today, to imagining a brighter future tomorrow.

St. Francis House Readiness services include triage and referrals, housing workshops, expressive therapy, the Women’s Center, or participating in a support group. Guests “come as they are” and, over time, develop a stronger sense of hope and connections to others—and to their future.
Today, we are #GivingHope. On December 3rd, can we count on you for #GivingTuesdayClick here to give.