Google Employees Give Back at St. Francis House

Google serves at St. Francis House
Google Employees Give Back

The past few years, we’ve had the opportunity to connect with some pretty awesome Googlers, interested in supporting our mission. Google encourages employees to engage in charitable causes through Giving Week and GoogleServe, and our connection with them was made possible by a grassroots effort led by a Google employee who is also a long term supporter of St. Francis House.

Google Giving Week

During Google’s annual Giving Week, we are able to speak directly with Googlers interested in knowing more about our work. Employees then have the opportunity to make a financial contribution to our work, which is then matched by Google. We have been thrilled to see increased support year over year from the generous Googlers who support the work we do.

Google Serve

Google encourages employees to get engaged in the community in a hands on capacity. Annually in June, they host #GoogleServe where employees choose a volunteer activity in their local community. St. Francis House has been fortunate to host Googlers for Google Serve the past few years. This year Googlers spent the better part of a day doing a double shift in our kitchen, where they supported our basic services program by prepping food and serving lunch to our guests.

Get Involved

If your organization also stresses employee engagement in the community and you’d like to find ways to get involved with St. Francis House, contact Corporate Engagement Officer Meryl Pinette @ 617-457-1020.