Her Light Still Shines

Longtime donor Rose Zaccone was a math whiz who never accepted limitations for herself or other people. Born in 1923, she earned an MBA from Boston University, became a certified public accountant, and received a law degree from Boston College at a time when career options for women were slim.

Colleagues and friends always marveled at Rose’s ability to add an entire column of numbers in her head, down to the exact penny. That acumen, along with an eye for details, made her a savvy investor and led to success at some of Boston’s most prestigious law firms. Her specialty was tax law.

Yet for all of her accomplishments, Rose never called attention to herself or her charitable donations. Shortly after her death, at the age of 90, St. Francis House was blessed to be the beneficiary of her bequest. “Rose cared deeply about people who struggle, and she believed in the mission of St. Francis House,” says attorney Ellen Harrington, who spoke at a special memorial service for Rose at St. Anthony Shrine last spring. “This gift will support the kind of trailblazing work that distinguished her life and career.”