House starter kits help guests into new homes

House starter kits

Here at St. Francis House we help many guests find a new home. But, our support does not stop there. When our guests find a new home, they often have nothing to move in except themselves. No dish detergent or even a bath towel.

House Starter Kits

A longtime guest, Lenny, successfully matched with an apartment through a City of Boston housing surge. After congratulating him on finding a new home, our staff scheduled Lenny an appointment to receive his house starter kit.

A house starter kit prepares each guest with all the items to help ensure their move into their new apartment is successful. A complete kit includes kitchen and bathroom supplies, laundry detergent, a frying pan, and even a mop (which doesn’t fit into the laundry basket with everything else)!

It was a poignant moment when Fabiana, our Day Shelter Coordinator asked Lenny to confirm his new address. “I love hearing our guests give their address. It’s often their first time – since being matched – being asked where they live and it’s just such a beautiful moment to see how proud they are when they say their new address!”

Interested in helping support our baskets?

We have an Amazon wish list with the certain categories of items that are needed for our newly housed guests. Your support helps us ensure we can prepare a full basket for each guest as they move into their new home – thank you! Please adhere to the items on our list as we have storage space limitations.

If you have any questions about our house starter kits please email our Day Shelter Coordinator.