JetBlue Raffle winners find sunny oasis in Florida

JetBlue winner

Bon Voyage!

When the bitter winter weather begins to creep into Boston’s daily forecast, most of us dream of warm destinations, sitting on a beach, looking out at the beautiful blue ocean, feeling the warm sand beneath our toes, and soaking in the sun’s hot rays. For most of us, dreams of escaping Boston’s winter weather stay a dream. However, for Brenda Gilding and her husband, this dream became reality thanks to the two round trip tickets Brenda won through the JetBlue Raffle hosted by St. Francis House.

Bucket list destination

Brenda and her husband always talked about vacationing in Key West, Florida, but the plans just never came together. So, when Brenda won the raffle tickets, she decided Key West was the perfect destination. Brenda and her husband flew into the Fort Lauderdale area and enjoyed a few days at Hollywood Beach before traveling to Key West. Brenda remarks that it was “the most beautiful beach and boardwalk we had ever been to.” On the way to Key West, they stopped at a little restaurant recommended by her colleague. Not only did it have great food and great views, but also the restaurant and Brenda’s granddaughter share the same name-Lorelei!

Favorite moment

When asked what her favorite moment of the trip was, Brenda did not have one specific instance but rather shared that seeing her husband, who has had some health issues, enjoy the trip to the fullest brought a smile to her face. Receiving a transplant two and half years ago, Brenda’s husband has often had to opt out of some activities while on vacation. However, this trip, he was able to partake in every activity they had planned.

Our JetBlue raffle will be on again in early March so make sure you get your tickets.  You too could be off on the vacation of your dreams!