Journey to Graduation: Round Tables

While our curriculum mainly focuses on building the hard and soft skills necessary to enter the workforce, we also recognize that many of our students come with more than employment needs on their minds.

While preparing our students for work, we address these unique needs through the Round Table process facilitated by both our Program Counselor/Case Manager and Job Coach.

Our Program Counselor, Danielle, shares a sneak peek into the Round Table Process below!

Our Round Table process helps students streamline their short and long term goals, and create manageable, actionable steps to move towards those goals.  This process begins at Week 4, and the conversation addresses many common concerns:

  • Legal (both Criminal and Non-Criminal issues)
  • Housing, Financial
  • Education/Training
  • Physical and Mental Health
  • Recovery
  • Career Goals
Next, the student chooses three goals to prioritize immediately.

Typically, these goals may include things like securing housing for after MAP graduation, following through on medical or dental appointments, or straightening out child support issues.

The Job Coach and Program Counselor help the student to break each goal down into three smaller steps with due dates. The due dates are an essential part of goal setting- they help students maintain momentum and hold themselves accountable to their goals.  The Job Coach, Counselor, and MAP Instructor are also given corresponding action steps with due dates, to better support students in their goals.

Around week 10 of the MAP curriculum, one month before graduation, there is a second Round Table meeting.

At this meeting, the student updates the Job Coach and Program Counselor on the progress they have made.

Sometimes at this point students have changed their minds about which goals are most important for them to pursue.  They may choose to abandon a goal that has proven unreasonable or that they have lost interest in. Alternatively, they may wish to emphasize a goal that has become more pressing as they have progressed in the program. This is also an opportunity for students to discuss barriers that they are finding difficult to overcome on their own.

Round Tables ensure that each student receives individual attention, and has the opportunity to work on things that are important. Having that extra support and accountability enables students to overcome obstacles and move toward attaining their goals.

Stay tuned for another glimpse into other ways the MAP program supports students through the 14 weeks leading to Graduation!

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