Meet Marie Hardie, working to incentivize Shooze Cruise Host Committee

Marie, Emerging Leader

Marie initially became associated with St. Francis House as a Senior in high school, when a capstone style paper she wrote on social justice and poverty, ended with her volunteering at St. Francis House.  Years later, after earning her degree in Finance/Accounting from Fairfield University, she was looking for ways to volunteer and give back when she stumbled across the Emerging Leaders section of our website and decided to attend a meeting and then join.  Marie works as an accounting supervisor at Putnam Investments, where she has worked for the past five years.  “They are a great company and definitely promote volunteering and giving back”

This year our Emerging Leaders team has split into committees for the planning of the 14th Annual Shooze Cruise on August 9th. Committees work on tasks such as:

In her first year working on the Shooze Cruise, Marie teamed up with other Emerging Leaders tasked with incentivizing Host Committee memberships for the Cruise.   Host Committee memberships cost $200 and include four tickets to the cruise – the extra money helps underwrite the cost of the boat.  “We are brainstorming ways to make the Host Committee membership more appealing. How can we incentivize paying the extra $40 bucks to get on the cruise?  We tossed around a lot of ideas in our group, some didn’t really work with the set up of the boat, but in the end, we have some incentives that we think provide value.”

This year a Host Committee membership will include the traditional four tickets to board – plus we will offer expedited boarding which will include a dedicated line for members at the dock.  Host Committee members will also get a Welcome Aboard swag bag and strip of pre-paid raffle tickets.

“It’s been fun to be a part of the planning team, and we can only wait to see what works.”

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