Moving Ahead Program, Class 166: Journey to Graduation

The fun never stops here at the Moving Ahead Program!

We just celebrated the end of one class with a Graduation Ceremony, and our team is busy preparing for the start of our 166th Class.

How did we get to this point?

Twice a week, our program hosts an Information Session, run by our Admissions Coordinator.  From there, we have a pool of candidates to recruit from. About 1 month prior to class, we begin inviting those who meet our basic criteria to come in for interviews. They’ve now found 15 excellent candidates to begin, and we’re working on getting the program ready for our newest additions!

Once we know when a class will begin, we start collaborating with our IT Department to check and update the computers our students will use. We also coordinate with our maintenance and facilities team to freshen up the space, ensuring that when our new students arrive they have a classroom that is both supportive and engaging.

In the meantime, the Instructor and other staff members are busy creating and updating homework assignments, readings, curriculum material, and gathering all of the supplies needed for students to accomplish their daily tasks.

Our Job Coach joins in on the planning and preparation phase, coordinating the classes schedule to incorporate our employer partners. They assist with both in class and out of the classroom experiences– such as mock interviewing and credit workshops with Santander, Microsoft Office training with Microsoft, Conflict Resolution and Soft Skills Training with CVS and more—to provide additional opportunities for our students to expand their knowledge on a variety of topics, and their networks.

Once we’ve completed all of these pieces, we’re ready to start! On Thursday, June 29th a group of 15 students began their journey into developing and strengthening their job readiness skills- with the goal of finding meaningful employment by the end.

Now, you can join the students on their journey through the next 14 Weeks!

Follow our Journey to Graduation blog posts to get the inside scoop and to learn more about what it takes to finish our program. You’ll hear from various staff members about what we teach and why it is important, and we’ll take you all the way to Graduation Day!