Natixis Investment Managemers Donates Professional Clothing

Tie Donation 6.7.17 Natixis Global Asset Management

Clothing donations for Sullivan Family Moving Ahead Program

St. Francis House relies heavily on the generosity and support of our Corporate Partners. And it’s a win-win when we can work with our Corporate Partners in a way that benefits both organizations. When one of our Corporate Partners, Natixis, recently made the transition from business attire to business casual attire, their first thought was how that could benefit St. Francis House and the guests we serve.

Ties for Studio Shine

If you’ve taken a tour at St. Francis House, you know that we are always looking to add clothes to our daily clothing service within our basic service offering, Fresh Threads. But equally important is ensuring there is professional wear that we can provide through Studio Shine for our Moving Ahead Program (MAP) students as they begin interviewing for jobs.

We can all identify with the fact that when we know we look good, we feel more confident and ready to take on the next challenge.

Thank you Natixis!

We’re so grateful that Natixis passed along the ties, suits, shoes, etc. that they no longer need every day. This generous donation of professional attire is exactly what our MAP students need as they start their next chapter.

Want to do the same?

Are you a corporate group who has business attire ready for its next life? Contact Meryl Pinette, Corporate Engagement Officer at St. Francis House to start the conversation.