New book from longtime supporter Cummings Foundation

Cummings Foundation bookAs a recipient of a $100K for 100 grant from Cummings Foundation during fiscal years 2014-2017, our organization has benefited not only from substantial financial resources but also from the publicity and enhanced standing that comes with Cummings Foundation’s support. This grant for $100,000 confirms for potential donors and volunteers that we are making a positive impact in the local community.

Knowing that all proceeds from Bill Cummings’ new memoir, “Starting Small and Making It Big,” go to Cummings Foundation, we could not be more proud to recommend this book. By purchasing “Starting Small,” for yourself or as a gift, you are actually giving back in a charitable way — and you will likely be inspired by what you read.

The inspiring story of Bill Cummings is one that encourages anyone who strives to do good in the world. We invite you to read Bill Cummings’ memoir Starting Small and Making It Big. It’s a book about bringing a dream to life and how one individual’s incredible drive to do some good came to reshape philanthropy.

All proceeds from the sale of the book go to the good work of the Cummings Foundation.

Read a review or purchase here.

Note also that the large majority of Cummings Properties’ buildings (residential and corporate) are owned by Cummings Foundation, with ALL rental profits benefiting charitable causes.