Northeastern Center for Community Service supports clothing department

Northeastern University Volunteers in Fresh Threads clothing

Northeastern University has been a source of support for St. Francis House for several years, with over a dozen student groups getting involved in our work through volunteerism.

For the past 10 years the Northeastern Center for Community Service, a department of City and Community Affairs, has offered grants to students or student groups seeking to engage with a local community organization. This year, the Center made those grants available to local nonprofits that partner with Northeastern to make positive and lasting changes in the community. St. Francis House was grateful to be the recipient of $1,500 in support of our Fresh Threads program.

Engaging with us

St. Francis House and Northeastern engage in meaningful collaboration within Fresh Threads. Each semester, students volunteer through Husky Volunteer Teams and commit to distributing clothing to our guests once a week. In the past year, Fresh Threads has benefited from the work of 33 students in 8 teams. Husky Volunteers have served over 300 hours and have provided hundreds of changes of clothing to those in need. In addition, during the spring semester a small group of graduate students enrolled in Northeastern’s Video Basics course created a video highlighting the work that Fresh Threads does.



We are thankful for our ongoing partnership with Northeastern and look forward to continued collaboration.

To learn more about how to get involved with volunteering at St. Francis House, visit our volunteer page.