People who experience homelessness often face a unique and complex set of challenges.

The Counseling and Mental Health Department at St. Francis House understands those issues and provides a wide variety of tools and services to help guests deal with traumas and move toward stability in all aspects of life. Our multilingual, multicultural counselors invest in building stable, trusting relationships and emphasize autonomy and self-determination at each step of a guest’s journey. That foundation empowers guests to make positive changes.

The department, which is on the third floor of our building, offers case management, individual and mental health counseling, substance abuse assistance, and legal aid in both English and Spanish. A licensed social worker oversees our counseling program, which includes four case managers and four licensed mental health professionals. Together, they provide more than 12,000 hours of general and mental health counseling per year.

St. Francis House understands the challenges faced by guests who suffer from mental illness or a dual diagnosis of addiction and mental illness. Those with mental illness are at a much greater risk of becoming homeless, and the stress of being homeless can heighten a mental disorder, creating a vicious cycle. But we intervene. Three visiting psychiatrists provide regular onsite services, and our Whole Health Care Clinic allows us to offer comprehensive support.

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St. Francis House is committed to helping guests rebuild their lives, and becoming clean and sober is a key part of that process. On a daily basis, Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous groups are hosted on site. Our counseling and support staff emphasize the importance of treatment and support guests’ efforts to become and remain sober in both individual sessions and groups and workshops. We also provide referrals, crisis intervention, and help guests find beds in area detoxification and treatment programs.

Once guests are ready to commit to working and living in recovery, our Moving Ahead Program and our Next Step Housing Program are here to support them through the process.

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Volunteer attorneys from the Lawyers Clearinghouse on Affordable Housing and Homelessness visit St. Francis House every other month to provide pro bono assistance and representation in civil matters. Other organizations and private firms provide additional assistance.

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Our Whole Health Care Clinic, launched in October 2004, is unique to St. Francis House. The clinic is a holistic, continuous, integrated system of care that involves St. Francis house staff clinicians, a psychiatrist from the Marie L. Arky Medical Clinic, and staff from programs across the agency. The team meets weekly to address all of the needs of guests who are engaged in clinic psychiatric services – from mental illness and substance disorders to medical conditions and vocational and social skill dimensions. In our Whole Health Care Clinic, access to one service is not predicated on successful completion of another; instead, services complement and reinforce one another.