Rapid Rehousing Access to Employment Services at St. Francis House

Rapid rehousing welcome sign
Rapid Rehousing Access to Employment in the City of Boston

On Wednesday June 28, St. Francis House Workforce Development Department welcomed Courtney  Trudell, Assistant Director for Supportive Housing City of Boston, Department of Neighborhood Development, along with over 30 colleagues from agencies participating in the city-wide Rapid Rehousing initiative to discuss St. Francis House’s role in Rapid Rehousing Access to Employment in the City of BostonIn attendance were staff from The Boston Public Health CommissionBridge Over Troubled Waters, HomeStart and Pine Street Inn,

Conference content

At the conference, St. Francis House staff shared success stories of guests who were housed and found employment through the program.  The staff also identified some of the challenges that face guests as they start to consider employment opportunities in conjunction with securing housing.  These challenges may include perceived barriers such as no high school diploma, lack of job history, and CORI concerns.

The conceptual designs of the St. Francis House Rapid Rehousing Access to Employment model were reviewed.  The choices for a referred participant into the program can include options such as:

  • individualized appointment based services
  • flexible on-going calendar based workshops
  • a two week accelerated classroom instruction program
  • our more traditional 14 week Moving Ahead Program
Next steps in the plan of action

The group reiterated the need to be flexible with clients seeking assistance.  The next steps for St. Francis House will be to develop stand-alone materials that colleagues at agencies providing Rapid Rehousing Services can access to present at client assessments.  The documents will detail the wide range of options and benefits available for employment seekers at St. Francis House.  As the city’s leading provider of Rapid Rehousing Access to Employment Services starting on July 1, St. Francis House is prepared to take on the role

To learn more about Rapid Rehousing Access to Employment Services, please contact Casey Tiefenwerth, Program Supervisor at 617-654-1262.