St. Francis House Fair hosted in Atrium

SFH fair

St. Francis House Fair

With a variety of programs and services spread across ten floors in the building, St. Francis House offers a plethora of resources to guests. St. Francis House strives to make guests feel welcome from the moment they step foot into the building with a warm greeting from staff members and access to any services that guests are looking for. With so much hustle and bustle throughout the building, sometimes guests do not know the extent of programs offered to them at St. Francis House. That is why staff members from guest-facing departments hosted the St. Francis House fair in the Atrium. The St. Francis House fair showcased many services offered to guests. Staff members set up booths all around the Atrium with informational pamphlets and flyers for guests to learn more about the specific programs offered at St. Francis House.

A unique opportunity to learn about St. Francis House

The first of its kind, the St. Francis House Fair gave guests the opportunity to travel from table to table to inquire about services, meet staff members, and ask any questions they may have about specific programs.

The St. Francis House fair featured twelve different programs including the Carolyn Connors Women’s Center, the Art Therapy Studio, and services offered by the Boston Healthcare for the Homeless program housed in the clinic. Guests enjoyed the opportunity to learn about the variety of programs offered at St. Francis House as well as to meet the staff members who run these programs. Putting a face to a name in a department is often the first step for guests to engage in the life-saving services offered at St. Francis House.

Thanks to all staff members who organized this outreach event!