St. Francis House hosts Super Bowl LII preview party

Guests watching Robert Kraft video super bowl web

In our Resource Center, watching Robert Kraft’s personal video he recorded for guests at St. Francis House

Today St. Francis House hosted a tailgate-themed party to celebrate the Super Bowl LII.

Guests were treated to a special luncheon menu and games. At St. Francis House we recognize that everyone’s a proud member of Patriot Nation regardless of whether they currently have a home or not. By throwing this tailgate party and creating a special lunch menu for our 350 guests, we made a statement to our guests that everyone gets to be a part of the revelry for Super Bowl LII. Check out photos! The Boston Globe also covered the event.

This Super Bowl party at St. Francis House was created with support from the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation.

Robert Kraft, Chairman and CEO of the New England Patriots, recorded a brief video for guests at St. Francis House.

“There are moments in time when being homeless, an experience which excludes one from fully participating in the events of life, are particularly poignant,” said Karen LaFrazia, President and CEO of St. Francis House. “Simply by virtue of being without a home, one has no opportunity to be part of the events that people who have a home are busy celebrating. When you are homeless you are often on the outside looking in. But not this Sunday. We know that our guests are as excited about the game as everyone else. They too are a citizen of Patriot Nation! We are incredibly grateful to Robert Kraft and the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation for their generous contributions, they helped make today’s celebration possible.”

More than 350 of Boston’s poor and homeless guests celebrated at St. Francis House today with tailgate fare.

The tailgate menu prepared by St. Francis House kitchen staff included:

  • 900 chicken wings
  • 450 bratwurst sausages
  • 35 gallons of chili
  • 50 gallons of fruit punch
  • 800 cookies
Check out photos of our Super Bowl LII preview party!

Read about this in the Boston Globe, or watch the CBS video!