Super Bowl Tailgate Party is a Win for guests of St. Francis House

Patritos Tailgate Party a Hit

In partnership with the New England Patriots, St. Francis House hosted a tailgate themed party on February 3rd in advance of Super Bowl LIII with a special luncheon menu for guests experiencing homelessness or poverty.

Recognizing that members of Patriots Nation come from all walks of life, St. Francis House ensured that the celebratory day for New England Patriots fans was shared with the hundreds of guests who visit each day. St. Francis House lobby, dining room, resource center and atrium were draped in Patriot red, white and blue and the party areas were decorated to the hilt with balloons, pennants, team pictures and footballs.

Banner hung in SFH lobby, supplied by the New England Patriots Foundation

“We’re trying to make people feel that they’re part of Patriots Nation,” chief executive officer Karen LaFrazia said. “You shouldn’t be left out by virtue of your homelessness. This is one small way that we can bring people [together] and help them feel fully human, fully part of our community.”

The luncheon menu included 800 chicken wings, 400 sausage hoagies, and over 35 gallons of chili. Staff and volunteers also served freshly popped popcorn, chips, pretzels and soda to party goers while they watched the 2019 AFC game highlights. A special video message from Robert Kraft, Chairman and CEO of the New England Patriots was played during the festivities. “I’m so glad that you’ve all come together to celebrate your AFC champion New England Patriots,” he stated in the video, adding, “I want you to know that I’m truly appreciative of your support. Your spirit and enthusiasm will help bring our team to another — hopefully — Super Bowl win. Thank you very much for being part of Patriot Nation.”

Rounding out the day’s activities, were plenty of games, raffles and giveaways with warm Patriots hats and other Patriots swag supplied by the team.

Said President Karen LaFrazia, “we hope to continue holding Patriots Super Bowl parties as long as the dynasty continues.”