The coronavirus pandemic has not been easy on anyone. But for those individuals experiencing or vulnerable to homelessness who’ve lost their jobs because of it, or who were in the process of preparing to return to the world of work when the full force of it struck, it’s been especially tough.

The St. Francis House Workforce Development Department is still open for business, continuing to provide services and resources for our guests including sharing our expertise through webinars and posts.

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Our team has been working diligently to turn our workshops into webinars for online access. We will be updating this weekly, so stay tuned.


Accessing Community Resources: Making the best of what Boston has to offer!


ABC’s of Employment: Get A Job, Get a Better Job, Enter Your Career 

Download the worksheet:


Resume Writing in Google Docs

Supporting documents:


Managing Your Digital Footprint

Supporting documents:

Economic Impact Payments


Coping with Stress 

Supporting documents:


Keeping a Job 


Navigating Job Search


Applying for Jobs Online


The Elevator Pitch

Download the worksheet as a .docx or a .pdf:


Goal Setting

Supporting documents:


Informational Interview

Supporting documents:

From the Department of Transitional Assistance:

  • As of Friday, May 29, Massachusetts residents can use their SNAP benefits to buy food online at Amazon and Walmart. Read today’s Press Release here.
    DTA worked quickly with our EBT vendor to set this up. This option promotes equity and safety for our guests receiving SNAP benefits, allowing low-income households access to the same purchasing choices as other shoppers. To help spread the word, DTA has launched a new website:

The Sullivan Family Moving Ahead Program is one of Access to Recovery’s (ATR) Paths to Empowerment Job Readiness Career Building Initiatives (CBI), giving us access to helpful resources, such as this guide: 

The Wellness Guide to Overcoming Isolation During COVID-19 provides practical guidance for overcoming feelings of isolation and loneliness by building connections with oneself and others. It is designed for self-exploration about being connected, staying connected, getting reconnected, and choosing connection even during difficult times. 

All Wellness Recovery Action Plans (WRAP) publications are produced by Advocates for Human Potential, Inc.’s Human Potential Press. You can find more WRAP resources in the online WRAP bookstore

General Resource Information: 

Who’s Hiring (Local): 

Who’s Hiring (National): 

Webinars/Articles on Employment-Related Topics: 

Lost Income? Grants/Funds for Unemployed: 


Healthcare/Human Services 


Unemployment Benefits: 

Additional Resources:  

Food: Project Bread 

Free Online Library Books 

Virtual Museum Tours 

YMCA Virtual Workouts 

Mutual Aid Groups 

Mental Health Resources 

Information about COVID-19: 

Boston.Gov Information Page 

CDC Information Page 

Boston Public Health Commission 

Mass.Gov Information Page 

Download this list of resources as a PDF.

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