VMware supports programs in diverse ways

VMware in our kitchen

This past quarter, a group of hearty volunteers from VMware have been spending time at St. Francis House. A diverse group of upwards of 30 VMware employees have joined St. Francis House volunteer corps and have prepped in the kitchen, served meals, and also worked in our clothing department.

The volunteering has been organized by one employee in the Downtown Crossing offices. He used the Sign-Up Genius site to circulate the word throughout his office. He found volunteering was a great way to give back to the community and also to connect with colleagues in a different light.

“Seeing people in the halls of your offices is one thing, but it’s a different experience when you are chopping vegetables together. VMware can be a big place and it’s been an opportunity for us to meet with people we might not spend time with during the average work day.” said Joel the group organizer.

Vmware’s “Citizen Philanthropy” program grants 40 paid hours each year for each employee to contribute their skills and talents in service learning. In the last half of 2018 the group from VMware spent over 70 hours of service at St. Francis House. They hope to top 200 hours in 2019 and are off to a running start.

Thank you to VMware for starting off 2019 right with your service. We look forward to seeing you around all year.

Interested in volunteering with us? Learn more here.