Volunteer Stories: Fabiana Videla

St. Francis House Volunteer Fabiana Videla

Meet St. Francis House Volunteer Fabiana Videla

Fabiana Videla has given over 1,500 hours of her time to the St. Francis House kitchen where she has volunteered three times a week since 2012. The Argentina native came to Phoenix, Arizona, in 2004 and to Boston in 2011. Now a Brookline resident, she is confident that her sixteen-year-old daughter will want to join the St. Francis House volunteer family when she is old enough.

Married to a geologist, Fabiana lived in Chile and Peru before moving to the States. She has a Master’s degree in Communications and has worked teaching Spanish, translating, and editing, but felt a strong desire to volunteer with the homeless after she settled in the Boston area. She researched opportunities online and was drawn to St. Francis House’s website and mission.

“At St. Francis House, homelessness and poverty are not approached as charity, but as solidarity” she says of the work St. Francis House does with the poor and homeless.

“In that sense, St. Francis House is run in a different way: horizontally instead of vertically. People here are treated right.”

Fabiana used to be found in the St. Francis House kitchen every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but now has joined our staff! She is passionate about her involvement with the Saint Francis House family.

“It’s a great place to volunteer, to work, or to come for help,” she says, “and I feel lucky that I can be useful here.”