Volunteer Stories: Katie Hayward

Katie Hayward, St. Francis House Volunteer

Meet Katie Hayward, a St. Francis House Volunteer

Katie Hayward of Beacon Hill is a busy Boston College senior, juggling her studies with a number of extra-curricular activities including serving as co-president of the Boston College Campus School for children with disabilities and as a member of the Pulse Program for Service Learning’s Council. But the Sociology & Philosophy major still carves out enough time to have donated 400 hours to St. Francis House since she began volunteering there three years ago.
It was through BC’s Pulse Program that Katie first learned of the opportunity to volunteer at St. Francis House. She took a tour and “fell in love.” She has been giving two mornings of her time per week ever since, working in all areas including the Day Center, the Kitchen, the Women’s Center, and the Clothing Room.

Katie describes St. Francis House as “a great model of the importance of getting every individual to a place where they can help themselves.”

Katie has developed life-changing relationships with staff and guests. The only child of two attorneys and a 2011 graduate of Beaver Country Day School in Chestnut Hill, Katie will head west after her upcoming graduation to become a Case Manager in a homeless shelter in Venice Beach, California. She looks forward to that experience and feels she has been well prepared for it through her association with St. Francis House.
She has been accepted into BC’s Graduate School of Social Work for the fall of 2016.
“I love that I can brighten someone’s day with a simple ‘Good morning!’” Katie says, noting that she benefits from her volunteering almost as much as the guests. “I get a lot of gratification from my time here.”