Keep an ear out for WERS 88.9, our neighbor and community partner

WERS records SFH public service announcement for Shooze Cruise

WERS 88.9

You may know WERS as that radio station that broadcasts from the corner of the Boston Common, part of Emerson College, with that cool DJ booth you like to wave to when you walk past.  You’re right! And to St. Francis House, they are a community partner who supports our agency by providing their expertise and radio waves to spread the message for our upcoming events.

Our Public Service Announcement

WERS support for St. Francis House isn’t new.  We’ve been recording the public service announcement for our Shooze Cruise for four years now in their downtown Boston studios.  With a punny script in hand, the experts at WERS work with our team to record the announcement, remove all the hiccups, and set the whole piece to music so it’s flawless.  It runs in 30 second spots for the entire month of July and hundreds of guests comment to us that they heard about the Cruise on the radio.

WERS and the community

WERS values its place in the community – something that’s evident both in their partnerships with local nonprofits like ours and in their on-air programming. With specialty programs for children on Saturday and Sunday mornings and features during the week that showcase local musicians, WERS knows that great, independent music can make Boston a better place to live and work. We particularly love their dedication to area artists through Wicked Local Wednesday since it doesn’t take an expert in the music industry to realize it’s difficult for new bands to get on the radio.

We’re thankful to have a neighbor like WERS that values its community. Make sure to check them out on air at 88.9FM or online at and make sure to check out their Music Discovery Newsletter for all upcoming events.  They’ve got something for everyone.

If you hear our Shooze Cruise spot, tweet it out using @sfhboston @wers889fm #ShoozeCruise. We’d love to hear from you.  Also, get on board now and purchase your Shooze Cruise tickets today!

How can you support St. Francis House?

Does your business or organization want to provide community support to St. Francis House in a meaningful way like WERS 88.9?  Contact Sharon Lee, Engagement and Special Events Supervisor, to learn more.