Glenn: “One reason I support St. Francis House is that the work its staff does pays off.”

Glenn Seberg, St. Francis House supporter

Glenn, a supporter, shares some thoughts about what St. Francis House means to him.

What’s most important to me is the spirit of the place, welcoming and accessible, where no one is rejected and many kinds of help are available.

The sincere welcoming greetings I’ve observed right outside the front doors of St. Francis House are inspiring.

One reason I support St. Francis House is that the work its staff does pays off.

I was impressed and moved by the stories I heard at a MAP graduation ceremony I was invited to attend a few months ago.  One by one, the dozen or so women and men who had completed that program stood and told about the bleak hardships and sense of hopelessness they had all overcome with instruction and guidance from the staff at St. Francis House.

Against strong odds and with determination not to fail again, they had learned skills to assist them in finding steady employment. There they were, dressed up in donated clothes provided by St. Francis House, ready to become self sustaining workers.

Clearly those graduates had also developed new pride and confidence in themselves.

They expressed gratitude and love for the staff who had worked so steadily and effectively to foster these changes. Those MAP graduates were reborn people. That’s the kind of program I believe in supporting.

In a sermon I heard several years ago, the preacher referred to St.Francis House as a worthy agency to support. I’d never heard of the place, but I listened, and my involvement with St. Francis House began then with small donations that my budget could afford.  When my own financial picture improved, I was glad to increase my financial contributions, and I plan to keep increasing my gifts whenever possible.

– Glenn Seberg, St. Francis House supporter