Paula: “St. Francis House takes human beings who are struggling and makes them whole again”


Paula O’Keeffe, a supporter, eagerly shares some thoughts about what St. Francis House means to her. 

I first heard about St. Francis House and met President and CEO Karen LaFrazia through our shared involvement in the Midtown Park Plaza Neighborhood Association (MPPNA).

I had been previously interested in homelessness because of my experience volunteering three days/week at Massachusetts General Hospital in the emergency room.  I was deeply impressed by meeting Karen and what she shared about the work of St. Francis House.

St. Francis House doesn’t just give out clothes, food, and other support. It gives people a future, which they didn’t have when they entered the front door [of 39 Boylston Street].

St. Francis House turns that around and provides everything a person needs.  Education, jobs, a new life, and support.  St. Francis House doesn’t “warehouse” homeless people  just on an emergency basis.  They offer an opening to life again.

Also, there’s a positive atmosphere.  People can come in and naturally get interested in all St. Francis House has to offer, because they are being treated holistically.

I think the Moving Ahead Program (MAP) is terrific.  Attending a graduation was so special, to see the changes these formerly homeless students make with their lives.

This is the best example of what can happen if people are in the right place at the right time, and they are ready for change.  You offer everything people need.   It’s so impressive.

St. Francis House takes human beings who are struggling and makes them whole again.

They teach people not just how to get by, but how to live.  I just think St. Francis House is a wonderful organization and I’m happy to support.

-Paula O’Keeffe, St. Francis House supporter