Women’s Center programming continues to expand

Women's Center Excursions

Women’s Center Excursion

On Friday, February 1, some ladies who frequent our Carolyn Connors Women’s Center took a field trip to the movies. The group walked right around our corner to the Tremont Street AMC and were able to get out of the winter cold for an afternoon and see the hit movie Mary Poppins Returns. We enjoyed popcorn, soda, candy—and lots of singing and cheer!

Why trips are important

Field trips and excursions give our guests the chance to escape from the many stresses of their daily lives. Often, we take for granted how important it can be to spend time out in the community experiencing educational, fun and uplifting activities. Through these events, guests can break up their routines and experience a variety of activities in a safe and supportive environment. For our ladies, this may be a unique opportunity to feel a sense of dignity and belonging within their own community.

What’s next in the Women’s Center

We have a weekly calendar of activities in our Women’s Center that we are always looking to grow as opportunities arise.  We have visited local museums and are aiming to expand our offerings to various shows and cultural events. We are also preparing for our signature Women’s Day of Renewal in May.  Occurring the Friday prior to Mother’s Day, this event is an opportunity for our ladies to reclaim their identities as women, mothers, daughters, sisters, and grandmothers.

Thank you to supporters of our Women’s Center

Field trip excursions and other niche activities are made possible by generous donor support.  As we start our planning for the Day of Renewal please consider contributing to help ensure an incredibly revitalizing day for our guests.  The women’s center always gratefully accepts donations of gift cards ($10 increments to CVS, Walgreens, Dunkin Donuts, etc), as well as toiletries, nail polish, handbags, makeup, and shoes/clothing.

Want to get involved?

Is your club, community group, or troop interested in getting involved in a project that will directly benefit the guests of St. Francis House? Learn how to donate items or get involved with our Women’s Center.