A Closer Look: Rapid Re-Housing

Here at St. Francis House our rapid re-housing team works directly with our guests to assist them in securing stable housing. The program is unique in that we are able to provide upfront move-in costs and sustained financial assistance to guests who are experiencing homelessness. This is possible through our partnership with the City of Boston.

For many members of the population we serve, finding affordable housing on their own can be nearly impossible due to the soaring rate of rental costs and limited availability of marketing rate apartments. Once a residence is identified, often through the work of our dedicated housing navigator staff, guests receive financial assistance to cover their first and last months’ rent, security deposit and an $800 monthly stipend over the course of 12 months to support their rent and living costs.

In addition to this support, guests can access our income maximization program as well as our stabilization support services that focus on building support systems in the community, connecting to medical and behavioral care and accessing other necessary resources. Many of the individuals we place into housing are experiencing having a place of their own for the first time in years; the lifestyle adjustment of this proves to be challenging for many. Our team works to identify these barriers and better support individuals as they begin to heal from trauma and adjust to things like having a landlord, sharing common spaces with roommates, or maintaining a job.

Looking ahead to the future of this program, our Associate Director of Housing & Stabilization states, “I hope to see continued funding to support the homeless, sheltered and unsheltered population we serve become housed and stay housed with the support of our stabilizations case managers. There are many complex challenges for achieving this, but it is a possible reality that we continue to work towards.”

The staff of St. Francis House believes that everyone has the right to decent housing and that secure housing is essential to maintaining good mental health, sobriety, and self-sufficiency. The innovative strategies implemented through our rapid re-housing program enables us to assist all of our homeless guests, regardless of their circumstances, so that they have a stable base from which to rebuild their lives.