Associate Director of Learning & Evaluation named GBEN Membership Chair

Annie Summers GBEN

Annie Summers is our Associate Director of Learning & Evaluation and GBEN Membership Chair I first heard about Greater Boston Evaluation Network through my involvement in non-profits I caught wind of GBEN through my attendance at EMPath quarterly Outcomes Workgroups and Tech Networks of Boston Round Table events. I joined GBEN and their membership committee […]

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Karen LaFrazia recognized with citation at MA House of Representatives

Members of the Massachusetts House of Representatives including Speaker DeLeo, and Reps. Michlewitz and McMurtry presented a citation honoring Karen LaFrazia’s twenty years of leadership here at St. Francis House. “Ms. LaFrazia’s two decades of service truly embodies the mission of St. Francis House’s care and compassion for the less fortunate among us,” Rep. McMurtry […]

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Meet Antonio: Immigration Counselor

“We serve everybody,” Antonio shares from his desk, recounting his “ten years that have been very rewarding” as the Immigration Counselor. Every day, guests come in hopes that Antonio will be able to provide counsel and support. One recently became homeless due to a fire – all of his belongings in ashes. Antonio was successfully […]

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