From WBZ: Art therapy at St. Francis House helps homeless guests express themselves

By Katrina Kincade, March 8, 2023

BOSTON – The art room at St. Francis House in downtown Boston is making a difference for people experiencing homelessness by giving them a safe space to take a break and create.

Art therapist Gurleen Anand told WBZ-TV the therapy is a healing process.

“There are a couple of guests who don’t want to talk but you give them a paper and a pencil and they come up with amazing things and then after that, when they’re doing the art work, the conversation starts,” Anand said.

“I could be going through something… but drawing is a way that I have calmed myself down,” Moses, a guest at St. Francis, told WBZ.

Anand’s expressive art therapy room provides a creative outlet for people experiencing homelessness to convey what they’re going through.

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