The journey out of homelessness is like running a marathon: one step leads to another, mile after mile.

Our 2019 Marathon Team

In just a few short months, these five individuals will hit the pavement as they race to the finish line of the 2019 Boston Marathon. Adam, Kayla, Marlene, Chris, and Wayne will put their training to the test as they run what many have described as a marathon unlike any other. Some have run the Boston Marathon before, others embarking upon the course for the very first time. All five individuals are running for Team St. Francis House in support of our guests and the life-saving services offered every day.

Adam Packer runs his third marathon; however, his first as a member of Team St. Francis House. Adam’s father introduced him to St. Francis House where he first learned about the mission of rebuilding lives by providing refuge and pathways to stability for guests. Deeply resonating with the mission, Adam chose to run this year’s marathon for St. Francis House.

Kayla Packer joins Team St. Francis House as a first-time marathoner. Kayla has volunteered with homeless shelters before and felt drawn to run for St. Francis House, in honor of the many services and programs offered to guests as they rebuild their lives. Kayla runs on Team St. Francis House alongside her brother, Adam!

Marlene O’Donnell is no stranger to marathons, having run over 30 marathons, half-marathons, and triathlons. Embarking on her sixth Boston Marathon, Marlene feels energized to run for St. Francis House. As a nutritionist, Marlene understands the importance of healthy nutrition and the toll lack of healthy meals takes on the body, particularly amongst those experiencing homelessness and poverty.

Chris Hogan plans to complete his fourth marathon running for St. Francis House. Chris learned of St. Francis House through mutual friends who are involved with the organization and is excited to be involved with the mission in this unique way.

Wayne Maloney hopes to fulfill a lifelong dream of running the Boston Marathon. Wayne finds similarities between his job as a personal trainer and the mission of St. Francis House as both aim to rebuild lives in their own ways. With his own small cheering section of his five children, Wayne dreams of crossing the finish line in April, proving to himself and to his children the power of “speaking dreams into existence.”

We cannot wait to see all of our runners hit the course in April! If you would like to help team St. Francis House reach our fundraising goal before race day, check out our Crowdrise Team St. Francis House page.

2018 Team St. Francis House

Mother Nature pushed all the 2018 Marathon Runners to their limits – Team St. Francis House included.  In the rainiest, and windiest race in decades, our five runners all made it to the finish line on Boylston Street.   We are thrilled to announce that Team St. Francis House has raised over $90,000 for the wrap-around services St. Francis House provides guests 365 days a year. Meet our team below!


Boston marathon 2018 team


Our 2018 Team is generously sponsored by Webster Bank. Webster Bank Logo

All funds raised by Team St. Francis House will go towards the wrap-around service 365 days a year. Dave Cavanagh I am very excited to be running the 2018 Boston Marathon as part of the St. Francis House team. SFH is an incredibly impactful organization that helps poor and homeless men and women every single day. Please join me in supporting their mission!   Andrea Clavijo I am so proud to have partnered with St. Francis House as a member of it’s 5-person team for the 2018 Boston Marathon. As a loved one completes their cancer treatment over the next few months, I pledged to run a marathon in solidarity, and support them in the hardest thing they’ve ever had to do. St. Francis House took a chance on a novice runner like myself to make this marathon-running effort a reality and ultimately a win for cancer AND homelessness. I hope you will consider contributing to my cause and helping me cross that beautiful finish line on my favorite day of the year.   Meghan Grieves I am beyond excited to be running my first marathon for St. Francis House. This incredible organization rebuilds lives by providing refuge and pathways to stability for adults experiencing homelessness and poverty. This marathon will be extra special for me, as I will be running alongside my dad. We both will be running in honor and memory of my uncle Ricky, who was born with Down syndrome and passed away 10 years ago. My uncle displayed joy and unconditional love to everyone he met, and always looked to help those around him. He had such a gracious spirit and love for life, and I am so grateful for the impact he had on my life. I can’t wait to run my heart out for him.   Keirsa Johnson I am very excited to be running the Boston Marathon for St. Francis House this year.  After college I spent a year and a half as AmeriCorps member working for an organization serving the homeless population in Southern Colorado.  I saw first hand the challenges of providing a broad menu of services to shelter guests – from hot meals and clean clothes, to life skills coaching and affordable housing – and how incredibly important those services were.  St. Francis House provides those vital services in the Boston community and I am proud to be part of their 2018 Boston Marathon Team. Kristin Carroll Boston has always been like a second home to me – my family is there and I spent my first years out of college starting my career there. This year I have been given the unique chance to do two things I have never done before: run a road marathon and be part of a fundraising team. It is incredible to be able to do both at the Boston Marathon. The people at St. Francis House in Boston give opportunities to people in need that they might not have had somewhere else. Being able to contribute to this cause will make this marathon, a bucket list experience for me, more than I could have ever imagined. Being a ‘social runner’ in college I wouldn’t have believed how I could challenge myself as an adult runner, running for health and now running for the benefit of others. I have run distances from 5k’s to 50 miles on roads and trails. This distance, the 26.2, will be my first on the road and my first charity effort. I am thrilled to do it at the Boston Marathon.

This year our team aims to raise $69,000.  Donate to a specific team member, using links below, or make a donation to be spread across the team. All funds raised by Team St. Francis House will go towards the wrap-around services we provide our guests 365 days a year. Justin Dancu I am excited to be running my FIRST marathon ever this April as part of the St. Francis House 2017 Boston Marathon team. I was lucky to learn about St. Francis House this past summer as a volunteer in their kitchen. Now a member of the Emerging Leaders Board, I continue to see first-hand the generosity and love fostered by the St. Francis House team for their guests.   Joshua Gannon I’ll be running the greatest road race in the world on behalf of St. Francis House, a wonderful organization that I’ve been lucky enough to volunteer with through my workplace. I hope you’ll all help me support all the great work being done for our community here at St. Francis House.   Ty Hapworth I’m a big believer in St. Francis House’s mission that poverty and homelessness are not identities. My team at Microsoft has partnered closely with St. Francis House, helping with vocational training, resume writing and Microsoft Excel training. I’m very excited to have the opportunity to raise money for this cause and fulfill a lifelong dream of running Boston!   Samuel Macomber I totally admire St Francis’ unconditional open doors and my grandparents inspired me towards service from a young age. But most off, I am challenged to finish a marathon after breaking my  leg in a crash before my final season of NCAA ski racing I spent 15 weeks on crutches. This is my athletic comeback. It was cool to walk again, really cool to ski again, and it will be liberating to finish Boston. I’m proud to be a volunteer on at St. Francis for Waffle Wednesdays.  My first fundraising challenge is to get 150 $6 donations. Each meal at Waffle Wednesday costs ~$1.50, so your $6 gift will provide breakfast for 3 folks in Boston!   Frank Mastrocola

This marathon is a huge challenge for me.  I’m 63 and haven’t been running.  But, I’ve done a marathon before, and have confidence that my body will respond again to a training schedule.  So, physically, it will be a challenge, but one that I believe can be met.   The fact that I am running as a member of the St Francis Marathon Team, makes it meaningful. I have never raised money for a cause before.  My wife and I donate to many charities, but I have never asked friends and family to support a charity that I believe in.  In my spare time, I enjoy family, watching Charlie Rose on PBS, and reading about politics and government.   Judy and I are in hockey rinks a lot.  My daughter and son both play hockey.  And, lately, I like to run!

What inspires me? The clock!  At 63, I know life goes by quickly.  I try to pack as much meaning and significance into each day.

 I would encourage all SFH guests to not compare themselves to anyone else.  Just compare yourself today with yourself yesterday.  Make today better than yesterday.  That’s it!  With time, you’ll be in a different place.

We were so thrilled to have six runners who completed the 2016 Boston Marathon® to benefit our guests and support our life-changing programs and services, helping raise a combined $55,000. St. Francis House was granted five bibs through the John Hancock non-profit marathon program. In addition, Jen Nodelman, who sits on the St. Francis House Board of Directors ran again for Team St. Francis House with a bib of her own. Each runner has a unique story about why they run and what this marathon means to them as they #runbold this year!

Meet Team St. Francis House

Kara Connors

kara_thumbKara is honored to be a part of Team St. Francis House, which gives her the opportunity to contribute to an organization that plays a critical role in the health, well-being and quality of life for individuals who are experiencing homelessness in Boston. Kara first learned about St. Francis House through her parents who have been inspirational and dedicated supporters of St. Francis House. About 10 years ago, her parents worked with St. Francis House to establish the Carolyn L. Connors Women’s Center, a space for women to heal and rebuild their lives utilizing the agency’s excellent counseling services. Kara is excited to continue to support this legacy, to honor her mom, and to raise money for St. Francis House so that they can continue their incredible work!

Kevin McAuliffe

kevin_mc_thumbThe Boston Marathon is a bucket list dream for Kevin. Not just running it, but finishing and doing well.  But more importantly, being able to represent St. Francis House and bring more awareness to the city of Boston about a great organization and the work being done brings him great satisfaction.  Kevin is a sports fanatic, whether it’s participating or watching Boston’s teams.  His advice for running?  “Control what you can control, bet big on yourself, stay positive, take care of your feet and always try to go with the wind!”

Molly McCarthy

molly_m_thumbMolly is a brand new Boston resident as of December 2015 and she cannot WAIT to run the Boston Marathon this April as a member of Team St. Francis House! Molly is a fundraising professional, having worked in development for eight years. Molly understands the challenges of raising large sums of money but is confident that the mission of St. Francis House, combined with the iconic Boston race will yield great success in terms of dollars raised for the House.  Boston will be Molly’s second marathon, having completed the Carlsbad Marathon in January 2013.

Christine O’Halloran

co_thumbChristine’s connection to St. Francis House is strong.  As a former instructor in our Sullivan Family Moving Ahead Program, she’s seen lots of men and women come to St. Francis House for help. She has witnessed many people knocked down by life’s challenges who were willing to stand up and try again. She learned that similar to running, “Those who are willing to put in hard work will see amazing outcomes and results.” When Christine heard that St. Francis House had a Boston Marathon team, it was fate. “It is wonderful to raise money for an organization so near and dear to my heart and to know exactly how well the money we raise will be put to use.”

David Talcofsky

dt_thumbAs a first time marathoner, David is thrilled to be running for Team St. Francis House.  Running a marathon has been a lifelong goal for David, who began running long distance when he served in the Army.  He enjoys the mental and physical challenges of running.  David encourages others to remember that things are never as bad in hindsight as they seem when you are experiencing them.  For six years, David and his father have dedicated themselves to growing their family business through hard work and an honest, straightforward approach to business. This work ethic is the same that he plans apply to his marathon training. David enjoys spending time with his wife and son, golfing, and rooting for the New England Patriots.

Jennifer Nodelman

jen_n_thumbJennifer is so excited to be running the Boston Marathon for St. Francis House again.  As a John Hancock employee, she was able to receive a number in the company lottery and selecting St. Francis House as her charity of choice allows her to combine her passion for running with her passion for the mission of St. Francis House. Jennifer serves on the Board of Directors at St. Francis House and is thrilled to be able to continue to raise awareness for the needs of our city’s homeless population.  Jennifer started running full marathons in 2008.  This will be her 2nd Boston and 19th overall full marathon, and definitely her favorite!  For any first time marathoner, Jennifer’s advice is to savor every minute – just have fun with your run!