Meet Tracie: Faces of St. Francis House

Tracie was born and raised in Wilmington, Massachusetts. She graduated from North Reading High School, where she met her husband. They married in 1993, and their daughter soon followed. Unfortunately, as the years went by, the couple’s paths diverged, and Tracie and her husband divorced when their daughter, Kaylee, was in high school. Eventually, Tracie moved to Boston and entered a new relationship. When that relationship ended, it left her scrambling to find a new living situation.

The year 2020 brought unprecedented challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic. As Tracie signed the lease to her new apartment, the rest of the world shut down. The stress of the pandemic, as well as other personal difficulties, intensified her struggle with alcohol and sent her into a downward spiral. In early 2022, she knew her situation was dire, and it was time to get help.

With newfound determination, she secured a spot in a 30-day detox program and a residential recovery program after that. Then, with the help of St. Francis House, she transferred to a sober living facility. During that time, our Moving Ahead Program (MAP) caught her attention. While Tracie’s initial attempt at a MAP interview didn’t yield the desired results, she persevered and returned for a second interview. This time it was a success.

Tracie’s personal growth throughout her time in the program is awe-inspiring, and she believes that anyone who fully embraces MAP will benefit from it. Tracie is excited to see where her journey will lead her, a testament to the positive changes the MAP program brings into people’s lives. The support and strength of Tracie’s family, particularly her mother-daughter bond with her daughter, Kaylee, has been instrumental in her path to recovery.