WCVB5: St. Francis House brings warm holiday meal to hundreds in Boston in Christmas

by Josh Brogadir

December 25, 2021


St. Francis House has been a pillar of the Boston community for 36 years, and an annual Christmas tradition of helping those with the greatest need continued this year.

“We’re doing everything we possibly can to make it somehow special for our guests who have so little, nothing,” Karen LaFrazia, president and CEO of St. Francis House said.

The agency brought 300 people out of the cold rain falling on Christmas Day to be together, providing a warm holiday meal for hundreds who need it most.

The Christmas spirit at St. Francis House day shelter in Boston means transforming the dining area with linen table cloths and garland, caring and love.

Volunteers like Amy Wendel, are helping to make this a special day

“I was with my family a couple weeks ago and I had the opportunity to go visit them, but I really wanted to make an impact and serve and give my time on this day,” Wendel said.

On this day, adding to an already challenging time, the need for masks and distancing, with plexiglass partitions in place.

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